EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bus LP

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Product number: P21A030M
Manufacturer: EMU Electronic AG
EAN: 7649991279144

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Product information "EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bus LP"

The 3-phase bidirectional power meter EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e for DIN rail mounting features a built-in wired M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e interface and is suitable for energy management as per ISO 50001 and energy cost billing.

The EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e LP features a logbook for events and configuration changes (eg. CT ratio) related to MID / PTB regulations. Built-in load profile memory with a memory depth of over 3 years at a 15-minute interval. Historical data can be exported via M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e using e.g. the EMU M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e Center.


M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e interface

The built-in M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e interface is protected against dirt and manipulation and is designed according to EN13757-2, -3 (previously EN1434-3).
The power meter EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e LP communicates via M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e at 300, 600, 1,200, 2,400, 4,800 and 9,600 baud. 
The M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e load of the EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e LP is only 1.5 mA, which corresponds to a standard load.
M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e connection: The EMU Professional 3/5 M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e LP 2x2 M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e connection terminals for easy M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e looping.

Power meter readings

  • Active energy consumption (kWh) and supply (kWh)
  • Reactive energy consumption (kWh) and supply (kWh)
  • Active power (kw) 
  • Reactive power (kvar) 
  • Apparent power (kVA)
  • Current (A)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Number of voltage failures
  • Current transformer ratio


Reading and setting parameters is user-friendly by a 38x28 mm graphic LCD display with LED backlight. This provides excellent visibility of numbers and letters.
Display language e.g. english or german can be selected by the keys.

Power meter configuration

Touch-sensitive control buttons are used for configuration. A sealable service button must be pressed for each configuration change.
The current transformer ratio (1 or 5 A transformer, up for up to 20000/5 or 4000/1 A) can be configurable several times.
The control keys are used to configure the M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e primary and secondary address, and the baud rate.

S0 pulse output

The 3-phase indirect power meter EMU Professional II 3/5 M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e LP features a configurable S0 pulse output for active or reactive energy 

  • Pulse rate per kWh / kvarH: 1,10,100, 1000 or 10000
  • Pulse length in milliseconds: 2ms, 10ms, 30ms, 40ms, 120 ms

Power meter configuration ex factory

Power meter manufacturer

The 3-phase indirect M-Bushttps://www.emu-metering.com/cogi-glossary/hover/00b544a8738c49b5b375ace4aa26b43e power meter meter is produced in Switzerland by EMU Electronic Ltd.
More information: https://www.emuag.ch

Approval: PTB-A.50.7, MID B+D
Connection: 3ph. CT 5A and 1A
Interface: M-Bus

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